Youth On Stuff

by The Glücks

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+We Are All Addicted+++We Are All Infected+


released September 24, 2016

All songs written, performed & recorded by The Glücks
All songs recorded & mixed by Peter Vande Veire at The Yellowtape
All songs mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering
Artwork jacket by Jan Deweerdt + The Glücks
Artwork Innersleeve + other by The Glücks



all rights reserved


The Glücks Belgium

The Glücks are the savage Bonny & Clyde garagepunk duo from Ostend(BE) that unleash more sparks than a disc grinder.
Slap bang in the middle of a Golden Triangle mapped out by The Cramps, The Stooges and Thee Oh Sees. It's The Exorcist, garagerock style !

Having released 2 Ep’s & a new 7” single [CuCuCu Cool], they’re now lining up their first full album for the firing squads 24 SEP !
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Track Name: CuCuCool - The Glücks
Hey you !
What are you trying to be
Hey you!
Why are you looking at me ?
You like ? You like what you see ?
Your personality, is it for free ?

CuCu Cu CuCu Cu CuCu Cool

Hey you !
Product of society
Hey you !
Mister teenage lobotomy
Please look, please look at me
Your personality, is it for free ?

CuCu Cu CuCu Cu CuCu Cool

Are you, you ?
Or are you just too cool..

Hey You !
Mister superstar
Good looking do you think you are
Ain't got no quality, ain't got no style
Ain't got no time worth wasting on you
Track Name: Youth On Stuff - The Glücks
We want to fill our bodies with love, love
We want to fill our bodies with stuff, stuff
We've got to fill our bodies with love, love !
We've got to fill our bodies with stuff, stuff !

Discnonnected, disconnected ! Want to feel connected, now !

Youth On Stuff !

We are all addicted !
We are all infected !
Track Name: Kill The King - The Glücks
We will never be decapitated
For living our dreams
We will never get complicated
For living your dream

Too many people live their lives on their knees
That's why, we've got to kill the king !

We will never be incarcerated
For living our lives
We will never be fragmentated
For living your lies

Too many people live their lives on their knees
That's why, we've got to kill the king !

Come on down
Everybody let's kill the king
Come on now
Together we can kill the king
Track Name: The Drugs Won't Work
The City is so mean
The people are all unclean
They sit down to watch their TV-screens
Deep inside they bleed

Fear your maker
He will set you free
Fear your master
Buy Reality

This is where we bury our young
This is where they keep us dumb
This is where we stay afraid, oh god
This is where you are wrong !

'Cause the drugs won't work !

Pretty green hate machine
You're not the product you used to be
Servant's got to feed the queen
Deep inside she leaks

The drugs won't work
The drugs don't work
Track Name: Slave - The Glücks
Slave !
What do you want from me
Why you so afraid of what is and what will, never be
I gave you everything you need
I beat beat beat you into conformity

Obey !

Slave !
Another fading memory
Open your eyes, you won't like
What you see
Black and blue, to your colours you stay true
All you are is nobody, nobody new

Obey !
Track Name: Anger In Your Eyes - The Glücks
I deceive you all and nothing
Can stop me now, I know it's too late
My mind it has dissolved into something strange

It denies the will to suffer
Between the sheets you will uncover
Why the chains remain
But the colours change

I can see the anger in your eyes !
Why can't you just all
Leave me alone !

You fail to see we've lost control
Deep within my skin it shows
Now we've gone too far
And I can't tell you
Who you are

We'll try and match these scars to memories
We have not forgot
I know who you are
But who am I ?

I can hear the voices calling me
Why can't they all
Leave me alone !
Track Name: Panopticon - The Glücks
Sell your love to me
And become my nobody
Prying eyes in disguise
Will tell you who you need to be

Constant observation
Makes you less free
Oblivious you stand
As I kill your integrity


Doesn't anybody care?
Doesn't anybody know?
That they're being watched

Share your secrets with me
Let me steal your identity
Give your body to me
And I'll gladly destroy your privacy

I Know how you breathe
I know when you feed
I know what you fear
I know why you hate
I know where you live
I'll find you!


I know who you fuck
I know where you sleep
I know what you need
I'll find you
I'll destroy you

Track Name: Sick City - The Glücks
Down on the street looking for
Something nice to eat
But all I see is the poor
And dirty mediocrity
Run down faces and burned-out brains
A life of regret with their dreams down the drain
Nobody cares if they live or die

Just another day
In my Sick City

Back on the streets in the dead of night
I see pigs gunning kids raping chicks
Chasing Charlie
Hungry animals never leave their cages
Only to choke on their depressive wages
A thousand dim lights
Just trying to survive

In my sick city

We bury our lives in this
Human assembly line
We watch our TV screens
Whilst they burn our houses down
We embrace our demise
'Cause we love
The poison
In this city, we are born here
And that's where we'll die
Party Time !
Track Name: Brand New Gun - The Glücks
She's so tired
She's so sick

All she ever wanted was to be your friend

She's got
She's got a brand new
She's got a brand new
Track Name: Bugs - The Glücks
Bugs !
Inside of me
They keep on stealing the way I feel
No more, no more pain
Sedate, sedate, sedate my brain

I can't feel what's inside of me
I don't know what is wrong with me
Track Name: No Savior - The Glücks
No one is left alive
Am I the on to take the blame ?
No one will know your past
And I will live my life astray

We all just turn out to sea
Now we could not hide the rain
Now I could only tell
There is no one, there is no savior

Shoot me up
Better get on your knees
And catch a ride on my death train
Thread the needle through my evil eye
You're gonna burn your fingers
Better walk the line
You can break my bones
But my spirit is my own
Got to rush this fever
'Cause my blood is too cold

Can't stop me, Death city here i come !